Monday, October 18, 2010

Able to post again-Not that there will be a noticible change

It's lovely to access my Blogger dashboard again after several months of my computer refusing to acknowledge it existed due to "cookie" issues. I did all the cookie tinkering suggested but none of it worked. When I suddenly couldn't get to my e-mail either I was getting really desperate so I pretty much clicked and unclicked every possible cookie control in IE8. Of course that means I have no idea why my e-mail became available again, and since I figured I couldn't get anymore frustrated with Blogger than I was, I decided to try my luck again. Voila, and wonder of wonders, after trying to get to the dashboard at least once a week for the last couple months it worked easy as could be.


  1. Firefox will save you!
    (AKA GGE of the Moron Horde)

  2. I've thought about it but I'm so computer incompetant I'd be afraid to try running both explorer and firefox. I'd need to do so since I watch a lot of shows on Hulu and my sister always had trouble with Hulu when she watched it through Firefox.