Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alternate timeline article

Local Man in Critical Condition after Beating

A neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting
for his life tonight with a fractured skull and other injuries. He was found beaten Sunday night shortly after
he reported a suspicious man in a gray hoodie wandering through the
neighborhood. George Zimmerman, the
neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting for his life tonight
with a fractured skull and other injuries.
Police were responding to his report of a suspicious person when
neighbors reported a man screaming for help to 911. Witnesses said Zimmerman was on the ground
and screaming for help and then suddenly stopped yelling. The assailant fled the scene before police

Zimmerman, age 27, is the local neighborhood watch captain
for the Retreat at Twin
Lakes. His wife ________, said he was a devoted
family man and involved in the community.
He tutored several youths in Orlando
last year, and was an activist convinced the local police to bring charges in
the beating of Sherman Ware, a black homeless man. __________, the son of a Sanford police officer was convicted of
assaulting Sherman Ware on December 4, 2010.

Neighbors report that there has been a rash of burglaries in
the neighborhood in the last year, including a home invasion. Mrs. Zimmerman stated her husband was
returning from shopping at the Target store when he spotted a suspicious person
and contacted the police. “I do not
understand why he did not take his handgun with him on Sunday night. He almost always carries it after he was
advised to by the police after we had trouble with a vicious dog.” Mr. Zimmerman has a valid Florida CCW permit,
but he was not carrying his handgun Sunday night.

Police are requesting anyone with information contact the
Sanford Police Department.

This text was written by a commenter at Ace of Spades who agreed to have it further publicized but asked to remain anonymous.  He said the impetus for writing this came from the fact that he'd been considering getting a concealed carry permit shortly before the Martin/Zimmerman debacle and this was part of his trying to decide whether or not to continue the process.

      I think it's important to realize that, as sad as the death of a young man is, once Martin attacked Zimmerman (and *all* physical evidence points to that being the case) someone was at least going to the hospital and, given the amount of damage already done to Zimmerman, it probably would have been the husband and father who tutored under-privileged children.  How would that be *less* sad?


  1. And no one outside of Sanford would have known about it...until they caught young Martin and convicted him as an adult for murder...

  2. Exactly, It would have been like hundreds of other cases, but is treated as if *nothing* would have happened if Z were unarmed.