Friday, October 9, 2009

Wow. Bizarro World indeed

This comment from poster Miss Marple on Ace of Spades is one of the best articulated responses to the deeply irresponsible choice for Peace Prize.

In this world are people who work daily, toiling in obscurity, to help the poor, the helpless, the oppressed. There are people who have undergone torture in order to stand up for minorities. There are men and women who have brought education and hope to the backwaters of this world. There are all over this world unsung heroes who care for the least among us.The Nobel Committee has chosen to ignore all of these unknown saints and instead grant the prize to someone who has accomplished nothing, who has helped no one, who has already been awarded with worldly power and wealth, and yet, eerily reminiscent of Cain, is not his brother's keeper.If George Bush had been nominated two weeks into his first term and awarded this prize (in the alternate universe where people actually like America) he would have been embarrassed and refused it. I would stake my life on this. Are you not ashamed? He will be taking that million dollar prize from people who would do great good with it, and who deserve to have their efforts recognized.For shame. This is an evil action, not because Obama is elevated, but because so many good people were ignored.

Of course, by the time Bush reached this point in his first term he'd already had to deal with the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbour.