Thursday, September 11, 2014

RIP Norma Khan.

       RIP Norma Khan. On the plane that hit the Pentagon. My across-the-street neighbor. Is the comment from NaCly Dog at the HQ. When asked he provided more detail. 

"She was Venezuelan, married to a Pakistani who deserted her and her son after she became a citizen. She was vivacious, with a winning smile. 

She kept a well-maintained home and a small flower garden. I remember her always volunteering to help clean up the Reston neighborhood during the annual cleanup day. 

She was a reliable worker, and someone who could be depended upon to help when the local community needed assistance. Her son was well behaved. 

Others had more memories."

It is a small thing to copy that to here, but I firmly believe that the more people who know at least something about each of those who was murdered 13 years ago the more "real" they will stay in our collective memory. It is right that the "normal" people be remembered for the lives that were taken from them by a brutal, cowardly, and ultimately (please G-d) futile attack.