Thursday, May 31, 2012

The judge told them what?!

While reading the link to that Patterico provided in his post about the Walker/Kimberlin hearing, I was struck by something the author, David Hogberg, related.  He told how the judge had said something that appeared to me to mean that he, the judge, felt Walker and Kimberlin should fight out their differences.  When I started checking around yesterday to write this post Hogberg graciously e-mailed me his notes from the portion of the hearing that I was curious about.

Here is the relevant portion of his notes where the judge is discussing his view that it's too easy now to ruin some one's character without ever having met them, which he's under the mistaken impression is what Walker has been doing.

"Where I grew up in Brooklyn those things—when that stuff was pulled, it was dealt with quickly.  I’m not gonna talk about those ways.  In my community you wanted to date an Italian girl, you asked the permission of the Italian boys.  When someone did something unfair to your sister or girlfriend, you got your friends to take him for a ride.  And that stopped it.   You guys have got this new electronic stuff and you can just ruin somebody without doing anything.  But you (Walker) started it."

Now, I don't disagree that it's gotten much too easy to ruin someone by remote-control, after all that is what has happened to Walker. Someone he'd never met, who lived in a different state, decided to ruin him for helping a completely different person and has done a fair job of it to this point. That being said, what. the. heck. is a judge, even a retired one, doing suggesting extra-legal remedies that would absolutely result in further criminal charges if Walker were so mad as to attempt them against a convicted bomber and terrorist?!  I realize that this is probably more "pining for the good old days" than an actual suggestion, but it still seems to have been a terribly stupid thing to say.  I can only hope that the clear unfitness of this judge, leaving aside his complete ignorance of digital media, will make it easier for Walker to get his case reviewed as it is clear that justice was no where near to being served on Tuesday Morning.

This post at  gives a very thorough link-up of many of the blogs that have written about the hearing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I don't know what to say Updated a couple of times

This is seriously a bad day for free speech as Aaron Walker is arrested over bogus accusations of having broken the harassment "peace order" that was granted to Convicted Domestic Terrorist and Perjurer Brett Kimberlin.  One possible bright spot is that Kimberlin appears to be unable to resist gloating and is helping prove that various social media accounts, that he claimed had nothing to do with him other than that they showed support for him, are indeed his or belong to those *very* closely allied to him.

Update: R.S. McCain has a report that Walker has been released.  He is still charged with having abridged the "peace order" but is on his own recognizance at this time.  My prayers are with him and his family that they remain safe and that justice be done in this case.

Update II: Apparently the charge in Walker's arrest was "2nd degree assault" which commenters at both Ace of Spades HQ and (I think) Jawa Report said was very unusual as it typically results in a fine.  What seems even stranger is that the supposed assault is the one caught on courthouse security footage from (months?) ago and the courts own footage shows that no such thing happened.  I'm still keeping Walker and his family in prayer as justice is far from being served at this point.

Update III: Well, according to this post by Patterico my information was correct the first time.  Apparently the deputy arresting Aaron Walker was under the impression that it was due to the dismissed assault charges but was incorrect.  Patterico also links to a post at Investors .com which seems to agree that this is a case of suppression of speech.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

My deepest thanks for those who gave their lives, both in history and today, to keep myself and my children free to live our lives.  I also want to thank the families of those who never came back as their sacrifice is great and can never be repaid.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry Aaron and Stacy, I'm too scared

When the creators of Southpark were embroiled in the "Mohamad picture" kerfluffle and getting death threats, the writers/artists at The Simpsons had one of their intros be Bart writing something like "Sorry Southpark, we'd support you but we're scared." That's where I am right now.

I spent this week intending to write today about how Brett Kimberlin, the convicted "Speedway Bomber" was using the nations criminal and civil courts as a club in his efforts to keep  any, not just conservative,  journalists or bloggers from mentioning that he is indeed convicted of setting a number of bombs in the town of Speedway, IN as well as committing perjury.  But now that I've come to it, I realize that as a single parent who wants to get involved in local politics I'm not sure what is safe to say. Since I don't want Kimberlin or his associates stalking and harassing myself, family, or friends in the way that anonymous calls start "just happening" to be made to bosses, landlords etc. of those such as attorney Aaron Walker, ADA Patrick Frey, and blogger R.S. McCain who have dug into his past and his funding by the likes of George Soros, Theresa Heinz-Kerry and Barbara Streisand, I don't want to say anything that might bring their notice.

And you know what?  That is just plain wrong in a nation with free speech.  The whole point of the free speech part of the 1st amendment was to ensure that factual speech about the connections between a convicted domestic terrorist and the big name donors of a political party be protected.  The whole point of having a government at all is to protect those who are law-abiding from those who are not. When did that change? And why have we the people allowed it to continue?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


To Space-X for successfully launching their new rocket this morning.  I'm thrilled to see private industry continuing the push into space.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alternate timeline article

Local Man in Critical Condition after Beating

A neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting
for his life tonight with a fractured skull and other injuries. He was found beaten Sunday night shortly after
he reported a suspicious man in a gray hoodie wandering through the
neighborhood. George Zimmerman, the
neighborhood watch captain is in the hospital and fighting for his life tonight
with a fractured skull and other injuries.
Police were responding to his report of a suspicious person when
neighbors reported a man screaming for help to 911. Witnesses said Zimmerman was on the ground
and screaming for help and then suddenly stopped yelling. The assailant fled the scene before police

Zimmerman, age 27, is the local neighborhood watch captain
for the Retreat at Twin
Lakes. His wife ________, said he was a devoted
family man and involved in the community.
He tutored several youths in Orlando
last year, and was an activist convinced the local police to bring charges in
the beating of Sherman Ware, a black homeless man. __________, the son of a Sanford police officer was convicted of
assaulting Sherman Ware on December 4, 2010.

Neighbors report that there has been a rash of burglaries in
the neighborhood in the last year, including a home invasion. Mrs. Zimmerman stated her husband was
returning from shopping at the Target store when he spotted a suspicious person
and contacted the police. “I do not
understand why he did not take his handgun with him on Sunday night. He almost always carries it after he was
advised to by the police after we had trouble with a vicious dog.” Mr. Zimmerman has a valid Florida CCW permit,
but he was not carrying his handgun Sunday night.

Police are requesting anyone with information contact the
Sanford Police Department.

This text was written by a commenter at Ace of Spades who agreed to have it further publicized but asked to remain anonymous.  He said the impetus for writing this came from the fact that he'd been considering getting a concealed carry permit shortly before the Martin/Zimmerman debacle and this was part of his trying to decide whether or not to continue the process.

      I think it's important to realize that, as sad as the death of a young man is, once Martin attacked Zimmerman (and *all* physical evidence points to that being the case) someone was at least going to the hospital and, given the amount of damage already done to Zimmerman, it probably would have been the husband and father who tutored under-privileged children.  How would that be *less* sad?