Monday, August 10, 2009

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." -- Arthur Koestler

This is the banner for a blog known as The Other McCain has been convicting me of cowardice since I saw it about a week ago. Another item I read in the same time-frame, I don't recall the source, mentioned that in general women seemed to avoid blogging on subjects that they felt would cause confrontation because the average women was much less comfortable in a confrontational situation than a man. I know that in my specific case this is true as I have wanted to keep politics out of my general blog for fear of the potential trolls that might be drawn to an otherwise practically unread blog.

As an intermediate step I had considered writing the whole truth of my observations and thoughts in my brand new, beautiful, magnetic closure, journal with my equally new, totally awesome, fountain pen that I love to write with. There was only one tiny problem. How is it any more bold and honest to write to myself in my very own private journal that might, if I am very very lucky, someday be read by someone else but will more likely end up in the trash at some future date? How does the fact that I support the people of Iran in their quest for more open and responsive government, or that I applaud the people of Honduras for apparently being the first in history to see the danger to their republic and do something legal about it make a difference when it is locked between the covers of my journal, no matter how pretty it may be? This is particularly the case as I don't know of any concrete help I can offer either people except to pray that justice prevails and they not grow weary in fighting for the truth to be known. How can I remain silent in the face of true heroism against real oppression?


  1. Wow! I like that quote because that is what I've been doing. It has definitely brought a lot of controversy my way. The attempts to intimidate me just make me believe that I must be accomplishing something.

    You can help by writing your representatives and asking them not to take sanctions against Honduras. Economic sanctions always hurt the poor most. Thank you for caring about Honduras.

  2. Gringa

    Thank you so much for having your blog. I did fill out your petition to POTUS on Honduras' behalf and I appreciate your suggestion about representatives.


  3. You know, I feel the exact same way, and I have the exact same passion and fury about what needs to be said and done in this fight against the tyranny of these radical ideological despotic leaders in the US govt today, which ironically the American people themselves put them there, which we are now engaged in against them, whether people, aka the public- know it or not, or care or not.

    I write in my own blog sites and have done so for my own benefit and if someone wants to read them, fine, if not, fine.. But since I am not a professional blogger or journalist, I do not the knowledge or the skill to be have such a successful writing career and or blog site like Breitbart and others do.

    Nevertheless, I do write what I see needs to be written and said, and like a Journal, it is there for me, and anyone else interested.
    To me, it's not any glory or recognition I seek, only that the truth be told and known, like so many other great writers, bloggers, journalists of the Reagan Tea Party Constitutional Conservative category and forum.

    But I do love one thing about your site sir, besides the authored titled phrase-
    "One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." as it is also my motto and principle, it's your blog title- Poliwog's poliblog. Very catchy and cute

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