Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To make something perfectly clear - I like Sarah Palin

Not particularly timely I have to admit. It probably would have been more to the point to have mentioned that before elections. I did mention it to the flesh-and-blood real-world types at the time at least.

Sarah is my hero in many ways. I am about the same age she was when she joined her local PTA and decided to become more active in the politics of her community. I have four children, which is the number she had when she got her start. Mostly, it's the fact that in many ways she is an "average" wife, mother, and citizen who decided to do something about the corruption she saw around her. To me that embodies the spirit of our nation's founders. I want to be worthy of their legacy and Sarah both convicts me of my lack of action and gives me hope that if the "average" people take a stand there can be change.

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