Monday, August 31, 2009

Ted's Dead, and they buried the womanizing scum at Arlington

When I heard that Ted Kennedy had died my first reaction was "finally!" Not so much personally about him, and I never felt satisfaction at his having cancer, but because it may mean that the whole Camelot myth could die a well deserved and belated death along with him.

Now that I've learned more about his life I am glad he's dead, hope it was painful, and wish it had happened a long time ago. I'm certainly don't qualify as a feminist by the modern definition, but the thought of that man walking free because of his power and name after treating so many women like objects throughout his life makes me ill. The only thing worse is that those who do qualify as feminists have no problem with the sexual assaults and general harassment that would have them screaming for any "lesser" being to be fired and preferably jailed for life.

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